Everyone has unique feet. That is why there are so many different kinds of running shoes. Our experienced staff will help you find the right pair for you. By assessing and measuring both of your feet, as well as making use of our treadmill, things will start to become clear as to the type of shoe you need for your foot. Having you run on the treadmill is so important to the fitting process as we often find there is a big difference between how someone walks and how they run.

Traditionally, running shoes are categorized by the level of ‘control’ and ‘cushioning’ within the shoe. Motion Control shoes are usually fitted with someone that has a flat arch and is a heavy overpronator. These shoes are very straight lasted and have the maximum level of support under the arch. Stability shoes are fitted with someone that has a normal arch and is a mild overpronator. Usually these shoes are built using a ‘semi-curved’ last. Neutral shoes are fitted with someone that has a high rigid arch that does not overpronate. This type of foot is ‘curved’ in shape and needs the maximum amount of cushioning.

However, we carry a number of shoes that cause the traditional categories to bleed together a little bit. The Brooks Adrenaline with their new GuideRails system, or the New Balance 1080, which is a neutral shoe, but has a wide stable base that can control motion. And what about the balanced, wide foot shape of an Altra shoe, or a minimalist shoe, or trail shoes?

Essentially it comes down to fit and comfort and providing a shoes that will work best for your foot. We can help you with that process and are happy to do so.