The clothing that you choose to run in should be as important as your running shoes. Comfort is the key and clothing that fits better, performs better. 


Besides fit, which is the most important feature of any article of clothing, jackets need to be windproof and highly breathable. Reflective hits on key areas of the jacket is another feature that is useful to have, especially if you will be running in the dark. The windproof / breathable combination is a delicate balance. If the wind barrier is too great, it won’t breath very well and the runner will end up being soaked from sweat inside their jacket.


Well placed seams and comfortable fabrics can make the difference between and enjoyable run and chafing disaster! We have a wide selection of shorts, tights, pants, capris and even a few running skirts to chose from.


We carry a wide variety of tops for both women and men, including sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, tanks, and singlets to fit most body shapes. Well placed seams, and support where you need it are two key features to remember when buying any running top. We offer a large, well lit change room for your comfort, along with salespeople who will help you find the perfect piece for you.


Socks, hats, gloves, arm warmers… these are all items that you need to think about when going out for a run. Socks are one of the most important products for any runner. Snug fitting, seamless toe construction, breathable fabric contribute to making a good sock.