Accessories & Equipment

We source the best brands, the newest technologies and some of the best tools to keep you going… everything you need to make your run experience more comfortable and safe.


Want to know how far you have run? or how fast? Would you like to track your progress ? or just want to know how many calories you are burning? There are many tools available to help you reach your goals. Brands like Garmin, Polar, Nike and Timex are the best in the business and we have the latest models for you to choose from.

Laces and Insoles

Most people have one foot a little different than the other and some have a hard time finding shoes that will be comfortable for both feet. Ask us about our moldable insoles. We can heat them up for you and mold them to the shape of your individual feet. You will be amazed at the comfort!

Health Aid Products

We all know how hard running can be on your body. Foam rollers, Tiger Tail massage rollers, Stability balls, Calf Stretchers are a few of the items we carry to keep you running longer and HAPPIER!

Hydration Packs

We have tested them and selected the best hydration packs for your needs. Comfort is the key and brands like Fuelbelt, Amphipod, Nathan, Salomon and The North Face are second to none. Come and try them on for size.

Visibility Safety Gear

BE SEEN! You don’t have to change what you normally like to wear. It can be a simple as adding a reflective armband, or flashing light. If running in the dark/dusk is the only time you can get your run in, then please consider these items. Very important in keeping you safe! What to know about Visibility Safety Gear