Customer Service Redefined

To start, I just want to say a giant thank you to the wonderful people that have reached out to us during these challenging times. Your offers of help, your phone calls of support, and your purchases have been amazing! It has meant the world to me. Thank you supporting local and I hope to see you in the store one day soon!
I also want to welcome Joel Toews back to work . You were missed!

So, what does “customer service redefined” mean moving forward?

– We are doing fittings by appointment only, please call to book your time. We are booking every hour on the hour for 45 minutes during opening hours from 10-6 weekdays and 9-5 Saturdays.
– After each fitting we will disinfect all surfaces.
– For touchless payment, e-transfers are encouraged and welcomed.
– Please note these fittings are for individuals only, please leave significant others and children at home.
– If you know what you need, we can arrange over the phone sales with curbside pick-up.
– We will continue to provide online and phone sales with free delivery within Winnipeg. For those outside of Winnipeg, we will gladly ship items to you.

To stay up to date with what is happening please also follow us on Facebook (City Park Runners) and Instagram (@cityparkrunnersYWG).



Virtual Shoe Fitting Guide

CoVID-19 has caused many changes to our everyday lives. While we ARE at the store to deal with phone and online orders, we are unable to offer in-person shoe fitting. This is causing issues for many people who are looking to get fit up and get outside for some exercise.

This process isn’t always easy. We usually suggest that people getting fit up come in to the store. Since that is not possible, we decided to put together a temporary solution. Shoe fitting requires a few different pieces of information: foot size/width, gender, arch shape/size, etc.

In order to get that information to us, we will ask you to please follow these steps:

Print a foot measuring device. We recommend using this one for here (for both men’s and women’s, don’t worry about the title). Print page 3, and make sure that you follow the printing instructions. You need to make sure printing properties are not set to “Fit to Page” scaling. Instead, it must be set to 100%. Before proceeding to step 2, please make sure that the page is scaled correctly. Use either a quarter or a ruler to ensure that the page has printed the correct size. If not, fix the size before continuing.

Place the page on a flat surface (like your floor). Place your left foot all the way to the back of the foot, and align the inside of your foot to the lines. The outside of your feet may go beyond the lines. This information will help us out.

With your foot lined up properly, please take 3 pictures. The first is a close up of your toes (so that we can see your size). The second will be from the front, and will allow us to see your instep. The third will be from behind and will allow us a rear-view.




Send an email to titled “SHOE FITTING: (your name)” that includes these 3 pictures, the purpose of the runner (walking, cross training, running, etc), your gender, your last pair of runners (if any), past size (if you know), any ailments (bunions, knee/hip issues, etc) you suffer from, and finally any more information that you feel might be important to a shoe fitting (right foot is a half size bigger, very narrow heels,  blisters in certain spots, etc).

Once we receive the email, we will go over the information and get back to you with our recommendation.

This process will give us the best chance at giving you a proper fit during this crisis. If we need to address the fit with an exchange or return, rest assured we will look after you. 

Thank You for your Support Winnipeg !!

Spring Ramp up!

8 week Manitoba Marathon Ramp up!
April 23 – Jun 11
Tuesdays: CPR
Time: 6:30pm

Want to ramp up the last of your training for your half marathon (or 10km) on Father’s Day for the Manitoba Marathon; come on out and join us!

Please contact Cathie Coughlin @ ( for more details!

2019 Run Clinic – begins Tuesday, January 8; 6:30pm at the store!!


Get your Goodr’s before they all go to the dogs… you’ll look as cook as Eddie!!

Mallory Moves Mountains

We are excited to participate in the Manitoba Outdoor Show Feb. 9-11

ON – Running on Clouds

We have the Cloud/ Cloud Flow/ Cloud X/ Cloud Venture


All New Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

The new Adrenaline GTS 18 strikes the perfect balance between cushion and support.